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Jackhammer Tool Pick & Place

The machine featured in this video was built by another company. It picks up chisel tips from a conveyor and dips each one in a tank containing a liquid that inhibits corosion. After each chisel has been dipped, a second pick & place moves it to an outfeed conveyor. The video shows the machine operating with a new PLC program that we created during a service call.

The manufacturer of chiesel tips for which this machine had been custom-built asked us to fix it for them. When we arrived on site the machine was not working at all. We quickly identified and replaced a faulty sensor, and the machine started to work again. After watching it operate for a few cycles, we noticed that the machine's PLC program did not take full advantage of its mechanical capabilities. The new PLC program that we created doubles the throughput of the machine and eliminates dropped parts.

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