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Heat Sealer for Large Plastic Bags

GCA Designed and custom-fabricated this heat sealing system that will be used at a manufacturing plant to seal the edges of very large plastic bags.

During production, the pneumatic cylinders close the jaws upon the edges of plastic sheets to bond them together. The spacing of the jaws can be set to a distance appropriate for the size of bag being manufactured.

The specially designed aluminum jaws contain strip heaters whose temperature is controled by PID controllers. The use of a separate PID controller for each jaw allows the temperature to be maintained to within a few degrees for a perfect seal every time.

A special teflon coating on the contact area of each jaw prevents the jaw from sticking to the bag. Special stainless steel slides compensate for thermal expansion to keep the jaws straight and true. All aluminum parts are anodized for hardness and longer wear. The pivots are made of hardened steel shafts that rotate inside of bronze bearings.