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GCA's Custom Fixtured High-Voltage Tester

TTM needed a way to test backplane circuit boards at very high voltage. Traditional HIPOT testers require an operator to put a pair of test probes on each pair of points manually. Slipping off of a test point during a test or testing the wrong pair of points often resulted in damage to a backplane that might be worth thousands of dollars.

GCA solved TTM’s problem by creating fixtured high-voltage tester based on a QuadTech unit that can test at voltages of up to 6,000 volts. The custom GCA-designed fixturing mechanism ensures good ‘slip-proof’ contact with test points, and that the correct points are accurately and consistently tested. The automated tester is safe, simple to run, and keeps track of all results in a database.

GCA’s ISO-Volt automates HIPOT testing. Just place your PCB on the inexpensive, easy-to-fabricate fixture. ISO-Volt automatically runs all the tests with programmable rise, dwell, voltage, leakage, etc. Test overlapping makes ISO-Volt much faster than manual testing—sometime 32 x faster! After testing each board, the monitor displays “PASS” or “FAIL” and the thermal printer prints an error report or a test certification. Tests and their results are recorded in the SPC database. ISO-Volt is safer, more repeatable and more reliable than manual testing.

Using GCA’s automated tester, TTM enjoys improved productivity and has substantially increased quality.