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Custom Tape Application System

The machine featured in the video automatically secures the lid of each box containing medical pipettes to its base by wrapping it with adhesive tape. The end of the tape is folded over to make a convenient pull-tab.

GCA and Tapeler Tape Machines, a company specializing in tape-handling systems, teamed up to produce this tape-handling mechanism.

The heart of the control system is an Allen Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and Allen Bradley Touch-Screen HMI programmed by GCA. GCA's expert programming enables this machine to run reliably and consistently at full speed. Handshaking signals produced by the control system make it easy for the customer to integrate the unit into their line.

The PLC and HMI are enclosed in a NEMA-4 cabinet that also houses the power supply, E-Stop system, stepper drivers, and circuit protection. Design, fabrication, wiring, programming, and comissioning of the unit was by GCA.

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