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Custom Automated Spray & Dry Unit

The machine featured in the video automatically coats each side of a product with a specialized coating and then blows air onto that side to dry the coating. The height of the stack is sensed by the plunger and the machine automatically adjusts the number of passes to fit the height. The width and depth of the product, as well as the speed, distance between passes, distance from nozzle to part, and other parameters are adjusted at the HMI screen on the side. Additional screens allow for all maintenance operations.

The heart of the control system is an IDEC PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and IDEC Touch-Screen HMI programmed by GCA. GCA's expert programming enables this machine to run reliably and consistently at full speed.

The PLC and HMI are enclosed in a NEMA-4 cabinet that also houses the power supply, E-Stop system, stepper drivers, and circuit protection. Design, fabrication, wiring, programming, and comissioning of the unit was by GCA.

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