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Custom, Cost-Effective Industrial Automation

At GCA, we engineer solutions to technical problems. We pride ourselves on consistently succeeding where others 'no-bid' a job or call the challenge 'impossible'. Our process combines 'out-of-the-box' thinking with deep technical knowledge, good science and sound engineering practices. We are conservative and thorough, and produce rock-solid, reliable, cost-effective results for our clients.

Call or email us right away to start the process that we guarantee will end with your full satisfaction.

The Way We Work

We start by working with you to deeply understand the problem and the goal. That may sound simple, but it is a step often overlooked or ignored by many. Once we feel we have a grasp of the situation, we will propose a plan, often structured in phases, that completely addresses all of the issues. We make sure every phase has specific, tangible deliverables that predictably and step-by-step bring you a complete, solid, stable and production-worthy solution.

Some of the things we can do for you...

See our list of areas of expertise to get an idea of how we might help. Our photo gallery is a visual tour of a few recent projects. But the best way to find out what we can do for you is to call or email us. We are always happy to discuss any project. If we can't help directly we can usually recommend someone who can.

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